Rack Metrics is dead, long live Rack Metrics!

28 Aug 2014 By: Greg Molnar

About 6 months ago, I built a performance monitoring tool for rack based applications. I released the tool at a pretty early state, showed it a few people, even got a few paying customers, but it didn't take off they way I wanted. So I took my next contract job and haven't had the time to carry on the work on the app.

I enjoyed that contract so much, I decided to stay as a permanent employee with the company and I realised the best thing to do with rack metrics, is to make it open-source. There is work needs to get done on it and I don't have the resources to get it done, but the community will hopefully move it forward. So as of today I made the code public. The code could be nicer, better at a few places so PRs are welcomed!

The 2 gems are under their own organization: https://github.com/rack-metrics

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